Braidwood rolls out the red carpet

WAYNE T. SALTZMAN, Charter member of Braidwood Lions Club and club president, Beth Burns, greet visitors at Red Carpet Corridor on May 4.

Braidwood rolled out the red carpet for the hundreds of visitors making the rounds along Route 66 during Red Carpet Corridor on May 4-5.
The 56 vendors sold everything from Route 66 memorabilia and souvenirs to homemade jams and jellies and pickles. Business was booming.
“We raised about $2,440 on vendors,” Josh Bolatto of the ESDA said. “The money will be donated to St. Jude.”
Bolatto and his fellow ESDA volunteers directed traffic during the festival, working up a sweat and undoubtedly, an appetite.
Polk-A-Dot Drive In made sure no one went hungry. Dozens of vintage cars and motorcycles filled the diner’s parking lot. Diners enjoyed classic Americana treats like burgers, hot dogs, and fried chicken/
A vendor named “Rocky,” who requested his last name be withheld, drove in Saturday morning with his official Route 66 hearse with the play on words license plate, “KHRPE DM.”
“That means Carpe Diem,” Rocky said. “I like to remind people to have a good time while they can.”
Ebony Sade, owner of Ebony Sade Art, sold a colorful variety of hand-painted pictures and paraphernalia she also delighted visitors with her face painting skills.
“I’ll also be at Summerfest,” Sade said. “Come by and visit if you can.”
Braidwood Lions Club and the historical society were onsite to chat with visitors and provide information.
Tarot reader and New Age practitioner, Richelle Cordes, foretold the future, and “Wanna Pickle” sold quarts of home-canned veggies.
“This is the first time I’ve been to Braidwood,” Tona Lange of St. Louis, said. “It definitely won’t be the last.”